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Whether looking at a painting or flying his hot-air balloon, Jean-François Heim is passionate and enthusiastic about what he does. He has been selling masterpieces of art to collectors and museums for over a quarter of a century. Concerning the growing importance of art galleries, he states: When taking into account both the buyers’ premium and the vendors’ commission, the total level of auction house charges now sometimes exceeds 35%. This makes it even more attractive to buy and sell through art galleries (rather than auction houses). Their charges are generally less than 15%, without any additional expenses.

Antoine-Jean Baron Gros, Portrait du comte Honorˇ de la Riboisi¸reOUTSTANDING SALES

Jean-François Heim obtained a record breaking price for a painting by Antoine-Jean Baron Gros (1771-1835), entrusted by a client. This portrait of the Count Honoré de la Riboisière is probably the best painting by Gros still in private hands.
The latest exhibition catalogue of Jean-François Heim, realised in association with the Thomas Leclaire gallery in Hamburg, contained four unique drawings by the Danish master Christopher Wilhelm Eckersberg (1783-1853). Four museums - the Louvre, the Fondation Custodia, the Metropolitain Museum of Art and the Fogg Art Museum –immediately purchased them, before any other interested parties had the chance.

Fran¨ois Rude, Louis XIII

In 1840, François Rude (1784-1855), famous for his ‘Marseillaise’ figure on the ‘Arc de Triomphe’, created a magnificent statue of Louis XIII. This monumental sculpture, held in an Argentine collection, could be classified as “national treasure in a foreign country”. Thanks to the generous art sponsorship of the Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône, it will soon enter the Museum of Fine Art in Dijon, Rude’s hometown.
Giving advice in art sponsorship is an additional activity of the gallery. Jean-François Heim studied law and has a wealth of experience in this subject. He acts as an independent consultant between a collector, a patron and a public collection. His competence and reliability have inspired the trust and confidence of the most important collectors and art institutions.

Ad¸le Romany, Portrait de la famille de l'artiste

Jean-François Heim has published a book on the Salon paintings in the years of the French Revolution (1789-1799) and is currently preparing another one dealing with the Salon paintings of the Consulate and Empire period (1800-1814). Jean-François Heim has participated in the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht for over fifteen years and he regularly holds special exhibitions with accompanying catalogues.

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